Why you need a client newsletter


Client newsletters have two purposes:-

To keep the clients you already have

Your competitors become hungrier for more clients when there is little growth in the economy. Once clients have been wooed by another firm, it is often difficult to keep them.

A regular newsletter should be part of your marketing strategy for the 2015 tax year, to make sure you hang onto your good clients.

To enhance your reputation and help you to get more clients

Encourage your clients to share your newsletter. Use your newsletter to help keep in touch with non clients – persistence pays.

Non clients can include:-

•  Former clients
•  Those who have made inquiries of your firm
•  Your suppliers
•  Other business contacts


What makes a good newsletter?

•  It must be interesting – we engage a professional journalist to ensure this happens.
•  It must add value for the reader – every article is considered, from this point of view, before it is included in the Small Business Institute Limited newsletter.
•  It must contain articles on taxation but not too many – whether we like it or not our clients expect us to help them minimise their tax, so they tend to ignore tax topics they think we should attend to. Tax articles need to be selected with care.
•  The articles must be easy to read – most people do not really like reading. The Small Business Institute newsletters have very short articles with punchy headlines. They are easy to read . They are not an academic exercise. Your clients will be delighted to get them.


Why you should have the Small Business Institute newsletter


•  You are not committed to an annual subscription
•  It has all the advantages listed above – your clients will enjoy it.
•  Keeping in touch is what it is all about.

 This is risk free.


If at any time you feel the newsletter is not giving you value, cancel and we won’t charge you.

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How to subscribe for $152 plus GST per issue (4 issues per year)

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