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Grow your business and retain clients with a regular client newsletter


Make as many copies as you like of this quarterly publication onto your own letterhead , for your clients and business associates.

•  Save yourself many hours of work trying to do your own.
•  A professionally prepared newsletter presents a better image than a “do it yourself job”.
•  Very easy for clients to read. They love the variety. You will enjoy the feedback.
•  This newsletter will make your firm look more professional.
•  Retain your clients by keeping in touch even during your busy season. Better than losing them to another firm!
•  Clients attract referrals by talking about your newsletter to their friends.
•  Put your newsletters on your front counter.
•  Current and regular tax warnings and reminders will help protect your firm.

Price $152 +GST ($174.80) per issue (no annual subscription required, cancel at any time)

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•  Reduce your risks. We point out the traps.
•  Discover the small but important points of tax law commonly missed.
•  We make new tax law easier for you to understand. We save you time.
•  Learn about opportunities to save tax for your clients.
•  We alert you to non tax issues you need to consider :-
•  ACC
•  Notes to accounts
•  Companies office
•  Trusts


Price $78 + GST ($89.70) per half year – 5 issues.

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Engagement letter


Consider these points:


Price $156.25 + GST.

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Business Valuation checklist


Compliance with AES 2 became mandatory from 1 April 2002


•  The standard could be used for litigating any business valuation.
•  IRD could call for working papers to support any valuation.


Here’s your solution – the Business Valuation Package:


We’ve done all the work for you….


•  A checklist matching each paragraph in the standard.
•  Worksheets for three common ways to value small and medium size businesses (SMEs).
•  Letters – We’ve written them for you.
•  Engagement letter
•  Indicative valuation engagement letter
•  Engaging independent expert
•  Request for information letter
•  Letter to solicitor
•  Letter of representation
•  Letter when both long and short form reports to be used
•  Letter to go with draft report
•  We have even prepared your reports
•  Long form
•  Short form
•  Indicative valuation

Our guarantee : If you buy and you do not think the product is up to standard you can advise us within 14 days of receipt and there will be no charge. We’ve sold hundreds of copies.

Price $285 + GST($327.75) – reuse as often as you like

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